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Sliding door not sliding? Locked out of your Morley home? Give Positive Security WA a call for first-class professional locksmith services today!  We proudly offer a wide range of lock, window, and sliding door repair services for residents and business owners throughout Morley and the surrounding area. Here’s a look at why and what we can do and why Positive Security WA is Morley’s go-to locksmith of choice.

Crime and Security History of the Area

Morley, located nearly 10 km northeast of Perth CBD, was established in 1918 and originally known as Morley Park.  As this area was ideally situated to become a suburban expansion of nearby Perth. As a result of the growing population and changing commercial appeal, Bayswater (Including Morley) was established as a city in 1983.
With the construction of the Tonkin Highway in 1984 and the 1994 opening of the Galleria Shopping Center, Morley is currently the largest commercial district behind Perth and Fremantle. While new commercial growth is anticipated, there is little land available for residential expansion. The population of Morley is approximately 20000 and has remained in this stable state for several decades.
However, the population of nearby communities has continued to increase. And with this growth, the crime rate in those areas has also increased. As a result of increased awareness and measures are taken for personal and professional security, the number of criminal offences within the suburb of Morley decreased 13% from 2016 to 2017. In particular, crimes decreased in robberies by 24%, in non-dwelling burglaries by 45%, property damage by 31%, and in stealing by 7%. As observed by professional locksmiths and digital security personnel, such as Positive Security WA, this downward turn in Morley’s crime rates is a direct result of enhanced home and business security systems.

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We take great pride in servicing people in the Morley area and surrounding districts.

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    Positive Security is a locksmith business that owned and operated by local, licensed, bonded, knowledgeable, and experienced professionals, and has been servicing the Morley neighbourhood for decades. The one and only goal of Positive Security is the safe, secure protection of your home and your business. Positive Security is an accredited member in good standing with the Australia Locksmith Guild. Call us at 0410040689 for security evaluations, installations, repairs, replacements, and upgrades of window and door safety features, locks, keypads, commercial safes, key cutting, making of master and duplicate key systems, digital monitoring sensor systems, and emergency services 24/7.


    Locked out of your home? Our locksmith pros will promptly arrive to your property and have you safely inside in the blink of an eye. Best of all, with our tools and expertise, we can gain entry non-destructively without damaging your existing lock or door.

    Sliding Door Repairs

    There is nothing more frustrating than a dysfunctional sliding door.  Sometimes there is nothing more expensive than replacing them.  But here at Positive Security WA we are able to repair your existing sliding door to new condition or even better than new for the fraction of the cost of a new door.

    There is nothing more frustrating than a dysfunctional sliding door.  And there can be nothing more expensive than replacing one.  That’s why we worked hard to refine our skills in sliding door repairs to ensure door can often be fixed instead of having to take the more expensive option of replacement.

    Contact or Morley Team and let us resolve your security issues today!

    Wherever you are located in and around Morley, including the shopping centre on Walter Road, the city council district on Broun Avenue, on Wheatstone Drive, Benara Road, or Fort Street, Positive Security can be where you are when you need us in a matter of minutes. Don’t become a crime statistic. Contact us today at 0410040689 to discuss your personal or professional locksmith and security needs. With Positive Security services, you’ll have the peace of mind you need to know you, your loved ones, your property, and your business are being protected 24/7.

    Rental and Pool Safety Compliancy

    As the best locksmiths in Morley, we pride ourselves in staying updated on all of the latest rental and pool safety regulations. If you need a locksmith Morley, you can count on Positive Security WA to not only get the job done but get it done right.

    For more on our extensive list of services please feel free to view our services page or get in contact with us directly.

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    Lock Repair

    A number of things can cause a lock to break, stick, or simply perform poorly. At Positive Security WA, there isn’t a lock we haven’t seen. From garages and entryways to screens, patio sliders, and electronic locks, we can repair any locking mechanism and have it working like new in no time at all.

    Need a another set of keys, a single duplicate, or a master key for every door of your home? We have you covered. We can cut any key, including restricted keys, and provide picture perfect duplicates within minutes.

    When we say “we do it all,” we mean it! Whether your garage door lock no longer turns, your security screen was picked by a vandal, or your sliding door no longer slides, we’ll fix the problem quickly, affordably, and with utmost integrity.

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